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Carolina Hurricanes 10 Best/Worst Contracts of Salary Cap Era

What are the Carolina Hurricanes 10 best and 10 worst non- entry level contracts they have signed since the NHL had a salary cap? The worst contracts are simply ordered by the total amount of money, not the degree to which they are an over-payment. The Hurricanes won a Stanley Cup in year one of the salary cap era, so the contracts they signed in that window after the lockout that won a Stanley Cup are at the top of their best contracts list.


1- Cory Stillman, Aug 2 2005, 3 years 5.3M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. He scored 25 PTS in a playoff that produced a Stanley Cup. Does it even matter what happened after that? He did also score 168 PTS in 194 regular season GP.

2- Justin Williams, Aug 10 2005, 1 year $1.2M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. They got 76 regular season PTS and then 18 more PTS in the playoffs to win the Stanley Cup. Bingo.

3- Ray Whitney, Aug 6 2005, 2 years $3M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. He scored 15 PTS in a playoff that produced a Stanley Cup. What else do I need to say?

4- Eric Staal, July 1 2006, 3 years $13.5M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. Adjusting for cap inflation that AAV is closer to $7.5M, but still, 227 PTS in 246 GP is elite level production.

5- Cam Ward, May 31 2007, 3 years $8M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. That’s a very fair contract for a goalie who had recently won a Stanley Cup. The Canes did make a Conference finals appearance in 2009, then gave Ward a monster contract that you can see by scrolling down to the worst contracts list.

6- Jussi Jokinen, June 29 2009, 2 years $3.4M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. He scored 117 PTS over those 2 seasons (including a career high 65 PTS at age 26) which is an absolute bargain. Congrats for harnessing “Peak Jokinen” at this price tag.

7- Justin Faulk, Mar 24 2014, 6 years $29M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. In year one he jumped from 32 PTS to 49 PTS and became a legit top pairing defenseman locked in at a great price right through what should be the best years of his career. Good job.

8- Joni Pitkanen, July 2 2008, 3 years $12M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. Getting 114 PTS from the blueline in 214 GP for that price tag is a good return on this investment.

9- Elias Lindholm, Aug 27 2015, 2 years $5.4M: Signed by Ron Francis. He is a good hockey player who has scored 49 PTS in the first 79 GP of this contract. He should have 90-100 PTS on this deal by the end of year two.

10- Jiri Tlusty, Apr 23 2012, 2 years $3.2M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. He scored 39 Goals and 68 PTS at an affordable price.


*- Victor Rask, July 12 2016, 6 years $34M: Signed by Ron Francis. I was skeptical of this contract when it was first signed, but it turns out he might be good. He saw a small point decline in year one and he’s off to a slow start in year two, but given that he’s still just 24 years old his best seasons should still be ahead of him.


1- Jordan Staal, July 1 2012, 10 years $60M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. He’s 29 with 6 seasons left to play. He’s a decent player but this contract is a bit nuts. Carolina has not played a single playoff game since this contract was signed. Jordy playing 18m a night probably has something to do with that.

2- Cam Ward, Sep 30 2009, 6 years $37.8M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. He was mostly in the mediocre to bad range under this contract, evidenced by the fact Carolina did not make the playoffs once in these 6 seasons.

3- Alex Semin, March 25 2013, 5 years $35M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. Washington never gave Semin a long-term contract (his first 7 seasons of non-entry level were all one and two-year deals), until Carolina caved in at age 29. His production declined almost immediately after hitting his big pay day. He had 19 PTS in 57 GP in year two before being bought out.

4- Tuomo Ruutu, Feb 22 2012, 4 years $19M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. His scoring had dipped in the last season of the previous contract at age 28, so there was some warning that a decline was coming. Over the last 110 games of this contract he scored just 14 PTS. His next destination was Switzerland.

5- Tim Gleason, Jan 29 2012, 4 years $16M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. He signed this contract at 29 years old and hit a wall at age 30. He declined down to 6 PTS in 56 GP and was bought out after year two.

6- Tomas Kaberle, July 5 2011, 3 years $12.75M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. In year one he declined from 47 PTS to 31 PTS at age 33. He was dealt to Montreal where he did not play well. He was bought out after year two.

7- Frantisek Kaberle, June 27 2006, 4 years $8.8M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. After scoring 8 PTS in 30 GP in year three at age 34 Frankenstein was bought out. His next contract would be back in Czechoslovakia.

8- Scott Walker, June 20 2007, 3 years $7.5M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. He had just registered a 51-point season at age 33 and Carolina stepped up to give him a big extension (AAV closer to $4M adjusting for cap inflation). He scored 32 PTS in year one, 15 PTS in year two, 8 PTS in year three.

9- Eddie Lack, Oct 3 2015, 2 years $5.5M: Signed by Ron Francis. He's playing most AHL games in year two. Eddie got old fast.

10- Jay Harrison, June 24 2012, 3 years $4.5M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. By year three he was playing exclusively in the AHL.


*- Jamie McBain, Apr 21 2012, 2 years $3.6M: Signed by Jim Rutherford. He was only 24 years old in year one but still managed a significant production decline. In 109 GP he scored 25 PTS (which on paper is respectable for a defenseman of that wage). But to show how much his value dropped, his next contract would be 1 year $550K.

*- Nathan Gerbe, June 24 2014, 2 years $3.5M: Signed by Ron Francis. In year two he dropped to 7 PTS in 47 GP at age 28. His next contract would be in Switzerland.

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