Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Will Happen With NBA Lockout

I'm going to make a prediction for how the 2011 NBA lockout will end. The NBA already has plans to play a half season, and have likely set that as their intended target. They are up against a very weak union that does not prepare itself financially like the hockey players. Many NBA players live paycheque to paycheque despite million dollar salaries, and they will fold before the season is cancelled. If Stern can drag this out for another 6 weeks, he will set a hard deadline in late December or he'll cancel the season, and the union will cave to his demands. It will work and he knows it. The NBA season should start sometime in January. How do I know this? They've done it before, it worked before, and it will work again.

Bank on it. As a hockey fan who doesn't much care for basketball, I'd kinda like to see them lose the whole season. That way hockey highlights aren't competing with basketball every night on Sportscenter. Call me selfish, but I enjoy greater focus on hockey.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Terrell Owens Holds Topless Workout, Nobody Shows Up

Today NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens held a topless workout session and invited every NFL team to attend, but none accepted his invitation. There may or may not have been CFL and Arena League officials in attendance. If you really want a job and you have an impressive physique, take your shirt off. Somebody has to sign T.O for the biceps alone. That's pretty incredible muscle definition for a 37 year old who has been crippled for several months. Either he is a genetic freak, or I want to take what he's taking. There had to be topless sit ups involved, though they showed topless catches on Sportscenter. When you watch him running his routes, his pecs are starting to sag and bounce a lot, so maybe he is officially getting old...

Somebody will sign him, it just might not be in the NFL.

Monday, October 24, 2011

NHL October Power Rankings

The NHL season is nearly 2 weeks old, and here are my rankings for the new season. For these rankings, the order is based on a score of points per game and goal differential for each team. I decided to base my first rankings entirely on this measurement and not factoring in information not reflected in the teams record or goal differential.  Now that I have a benchmark from which to start, my future rankings will be more subjective.

1. Washington (last April rank #2): Tomas Vokoun and Nick Backstrom are carrying this team through their early season winning streak. Ovechkin is getting back on pace and they are getting production from their blueline.

2. Los Angeles (last April rank #11): Jon be nimble Jon be quick! Three straight shutouts for Jon Quick and suddenly LA is a very tough team to beat. This will be difficult to sustain if Drew Doughty remains injured for any significant period of time.

3. Detroit (last April rank #4): It will be interesting to see how this team performs should Lidstrom ever decide to retire. As a Wings fan, I'd like to see him play until age 50. He's like a fine wine, he ages very well.

4. Pittsburgh (last April rank #9): Jordan Staal is a beast. Team continues to perform well without Crosby.

5. Colorado (last April rank #29): By far the biggest surprise of the new season, as this team was absolutely atrocious in the 2nd half of last season. Add Semyon Varlamov, and suddenly they don't suck so bad.

6. Buffalo (last April rank #15): This team did a good job of strengthening their roster in the offseason. I said at the time that Vancouver's offense would very much miss Ehrhoff's presence on the blueline. Thomas Vanek has his mojo back.

7. Chicago (last April rank #8): This will be a top 10 team for at least the next five years. Toews, Kane, and Keith is a great foundation on which to build a franchise.

8. Dallas (last April rank #17): Kari Lehtonen is a beast and easily the biggest reason that Dallas is off to this fast start. Hopefully he can finally stay healthy.

9. Philadelphia (last April rank #5): They added Bryzgalov, but shipped out Carter and Richards. By all accounts they should not be a better team this season, despite more solid goaltending.

10. Toronto (last April rank #20): The Leafs are once again out of the gate as a top ten team and Phil Kessel is leading the league in scoring. We'll see if it lasts.

11. Florida (last April rank #28): This team improved themselves in the offseason, but this roster is not good enough to win a playoff series with Jose Theodore between the pipes.

12. Edmonton (last April rank #30): It is unlikely this team will maintain this ranking, only earning this spot by virtue of mathematics. I expect them to be good eventually with the quality youth on their roster, but I did not expect this year to be a strong season for the Oilers.

13. NY Rangers (last April rank #18): If you've seen Tortorella lately, you'd expect the Rangers to be worse than their 7th rank in the East. John tells me that their team is playing terribly, despite their record being better than average. This team is going to struggle so long as Marc Staal is out of the line-up, and emotional outbursts by the coach can't fill the void on their blueline.

14. San Jose (last April rank #3): Heatley and Setoguchi are gone, Burns and Havlat have replaced them. It is difficult to determine how much better or worse the team is, but Niemi missing the start of the season did not help. Now their #1 goaltender is back which will help the team. They will make the playoffs and be competitive.

15. Anaheim (last April rank #10): Not a mighty start for the Ducks, but it looks like Getzlaf and Perry are starting to produce. Since I own both on my fantasy team, I'll be rooting for them.

16. Vancouver (last April rank #1): This team should climb the charts now that Kesler has returned. Once he gets back into game shape and hits full stride, things will improve. Fortunes might rest on the relationship between Roberto Luongo and the Vancouver fans.

17. Minnesota (last April rank #18): Not much has changed. It seems like they will always be a middle of the road team, never good enough for success or bad enough to get to draft picks.

18. NY Islanders (last April rank #26): John Tavares is now officially a superstar. This team has a decent shot at a playoff spot if their goaltending holds together.

19. New Jersey (last April rank #24): The Devils were one of the league's hottest teams to end last season, and now with Parise back they should be better. Brodeur's injury will cost them some points.

20. Tampa Bay (last April rank #7): A rough start to the season in Tampa. Tough to say if this is a playoff hangover or if the team has structurally regressed. Can they overcome the loss of Sean Bergenheim?

21. St. Louis (last April rank #23): I expect more from this team with an excellent core of quality young players. If Jason Arnott is leading your team in scoring, something is not right.

22. Phoenix (last April rank #14): Losing Bryzgalov should cost this team at least 20 points this season. Mike Smith is not an adequate replacement, and this mediocre roster needs an elite goaltender to be a playoff team.

23. Boston (last April rank #6): This team has to get better because their talent is greater than their record. However playing until the end of June and partying all summer can have a negative effect on the start of your new season.

24. Carolina (last April rank #19): I expected this team to be better, just as I now expect them to get better. They have a .500 record, but a poor goal differential.

25. Nashville (last April rank #12): David Legwand was unable to sustain his share of the NHL scoring lead. Like Montreal this team does not look good out of the gate and are giving up too many goals. We knew the offense would be anemic, but with Pekka Rhinne in net they should not have a -5 goal differential.

26. Calgary (last April rank #16): 2nd to last place in the Western conference is a pathetic start for this line-up. The team should be better than this. It remains to be seen how this season will unfold.

27. Ottawa (last April rank #27): They have won 2 in a row after a 1-5 start, and Jason Spezza is putting up points. That being said, I'd still bet against this team making the playoffs.

28. Winnipeg (last April rank #25): Not the start we all wanted to see with Winnipeg returning to the NHL, but the good news is that they sold out their season tickets on 3 year contracts so they have time before mediocrity could severely damage their box office revenue.

29. Montreal (last April rank #13): Things are not looking good in Montreal, but the roster has too much talent to continue at this rate for an extended period. Heed my advice Montreal, there is no problem to which Peter Budaj is the solution.

30. Columbus (last April rank #22): The worst team in the NHL right now should be better with Jeff Carter and James Wisniewski. Oh that's right, Carter has a broken foot and Wisniewski was suspended for the first 8 games. We'll see if they last in the 30 slot.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Canucks Trade Sturm, Samuelsson For Booth, Reinprecht, Draft Pick

The Vancouver Canucks have traded Marco Sturm and Mikael Samuelsson to the Florida Panthers for David Booth, Steve Reinprecht, and a 3rd round draft pick. At first glance I thought that this was a terrible hockey move for Florida, but it makes sense from a financial standpoint. Marco Sturm was on his last legs 2 years ago and last season the Canucks were a better team when Samuelsson was injured. However both are on expiring contracts and sure to attract some attention at the trade deadline. The Canucks get the best player in the deal in Booth who is only 26 and nearing his prime, while also re-acquiring their own 3rd round pick this summer. Reinprecht was a salary dump. The Canucks will eat his salary in the minors.

Florida does not make their team immediately better, and it won't be until the trade deadline that we can fully evaluate who won or lost this deal. I live in Vancouver and get to see a lot of Canucks games on TV; Sturm and Samuelsson just aren't that good anymore. For Florida it was a business move and they clearly hope to flip these assets if there is a feeding frenzy. The Panthers have started the season 4-3, but their roster is not good enough for extended success with Jose Theodore as their best goaltender. If they remain in contention maybe they'll hold on to these guys, but this roster will NOT win a playoff series. I'd put money on that.

Monday, October 17, 2011

NHL Week 1 Review

The 2010/11 is now 11 days old and so I've compiled a list of 11 observations from this young season. There are some interesting stories emerging, but the sample size is still too small to draw any definite conclusions.

1) John Tavares has arrived. He was drafted 69th overall in my 20 team fantasy league and that was way too low (he went after Heatley and before Skinner).

2) Thus far media spending 80% of their time discussing discipline and micro-analyzing which hits are legal; 20% of their time talking about actual hockey games.

3) Boston, Tampa, San Jose, and Vancouver, last year's final four teams are all sitting outside a playoff spot with a combined 6 wins in 18 games. By contrast, Toronto, NY Islanders, Dallas and Colorado (who all missed the playoffs last season) have 14 wins in 17 games.

4) Phil Kessel is putting up 2.6 PTS per game through the first 3 games putting him on pace for 213 PTS this season. If he scores 85 or more PTS, Toronto is a playoff team.

5) Slow starts for Alex Ovechkin, Corey Perry, Joe Thornton, and Jarome Iginla; combining for 4 PTS in 15 GP. Not good.

6) Dallas might be fine without Brad Richards. Off to a 4-1 start, it would appear that the Stars have not skipped a beat since losing their top player. Kari Lehtonen is looking great on my fantasy team.

7) David Legwand shares the lead in NHL scoring with 8 PTS in 4 GP, and he was drafted 279th overall in my fantasy league.

8) Craig Anderson sucks. He has shown flashes of genius in the last 3 years, but so far this season he's been atrocious.

9) Vancouver fans are not going to forgive Luongo's meltdown in the Cup finals, which is very apparent if you listen to local talk radio. This could become a toxic situation very quickly for the emotionally fragile goaltender. The team needs Kesler back, and he's set to return next game.

10) Ottawa should start playing Gonchar at forward even strength. He's a severe liability on the blue line unless there is a man advantage.

11) Joffrey Lupul might actually be effective, where his contract looked like dead money when Toronto acquired him. He works great with Kessel, which does make the Connolly signing less relevant and over-priced.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vancouver Turning On Luongo

The season is only one week old, and already the city of Vancouver is reaching a boiling point of resentment towards goaltender Roberto Luongo. He has only played a few games and let in a few bad goals, but already the angry phone calls are flooding in to Sportstalk radio. It would seem that the people have not forgotten Lou's embarrassing collapse in last year's playoffs. He's like a Dr.Jeckyl-Mr.Hyde character who is either great or brutal. You can tell when a meltdown is coming because he gets a specific kind of desperate look in his eyes. If cameras zoom in on his face after a goal and his expression is like an 8 year old watching Night of the Living Dead, expect another goal and soon, possibly on the next shot. This is magnified in the playoffs.

Coming off of a Vezina nomination, you'd expect a little more goodwill towards Luongo in this city, but no. He was great in the playoffs against Nashville and San Jose, but had epic meltdowns against Chicago and Boston. That Olympic gold medal was "so" 2010. I don't believe that he deserves this treatment from the fans, but he definitely deserves a fair share of the blame for Vancouver's meltdown against Boston. The Canucks lack of team toughness also played a part, and Tim Thomas was brilliant.
Whether I believe Roberto deserves it or not, the animosity in this city is very real and very palpable. You don't need to spend much time listening to the Team 1040 to understand. It won't be long before the fans are chanting "Boooooooooo" instead of "Loooooooooo".

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Being A Detroit Lions Fan

The Detroit Lions are off to their best start in over half a century, and as a long suffering fan, I'm almost ready to love again. Being a Detroit Lions fan hasn't been easy. I'm not from Detroit, but fell in love with this team watching Barry Sanders run the football. The team has not had a legitimate contender in my lifetime and has been consistently among the worst teams in the league. My life as a football fan has been getting jacked up if my favourite team plays .500 ball. At least in the 90s we had the joy of watching Barry Sanders symphony on turf, until he ripped our hearts out with his sudden unexpected retirement. Since Barry retired, the team has 56 wins and 136 loses including an entire season without winning a single game. The team has not had a winning record for ten years, the Matt Millen era, forevermore known as "the dark times".

This team has been utterly and completely pathetic for an entire decade, that is until now. The team has replaced their "wet paper bag" defensive line with one of the best units in football, led by cult hero Ndamakong Suh. Calvin Johnson is the most dangerous wide receiver in the game and he's got a QB who can get him the football. Herman Moore is but a distant memory. Jahvid Best has his best years ahead of him, and suddenly this team has quality pieces in the right places.

Dare I say...playoffs? What percentage of teams who start the season 5-0 go on to make the playoffs? It has to be good, right?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Best/Worst Fantasy Football Playoff Schedules 2011

Which NFL football teams face the easiest and toughest schedules in weeks 13, 14, 15, 16 when most fantasy playoffs are taking place? You want to win your fantasy league and those are the weeks when you are most likely to be competing for the championship. The rankings below are based on the average yards per game allowed so far this season by their future opponents in weeks 13-16, split into rushing and passing. It's pretty simple. The number you see on the right is a strength of schedule percentage based multiplier. Ergo if you have two players who average 10 pts per game, one has a multiplier of 1.2 the other 0.8, then their expected fantasy points would be 12 and 8 respectively.

Passing Defense: This is a multiplier for your QBs and WRs. As it happens the Denver Broncos face the easiest pass defenses in those critical weeks. That can only help Tim Tebow who struggles throwing the football. Beware the Baltimore Ravens. Get what you can for Joe Flacco, as he faces a tough schedule.

3Kansas City1.11
4Green Bay1.11
8New England1.06
10New Orleans1.04
21NY Giants0.97
22San Diego0.96
23San Francisco0.95
24NY Jets0.95
25Tampa Bay0.93
27St. Louis0.92

Rushing Defense: Looks like the RB with the best schedule in the fantasy playoffs is one Marshawn Lynch. Cincinnati looks good and if Cedric Benson is suspended, I bet you can get him at a pretty low price. He'll be back and rested in time for your playoffs, if you have room on your bench to stash him.

5San Francisco1.14
7Green Bay1.12
10Kansas City1.05
11NY Jets1.05
12New England1.04
19Tampa Bay0.97
22San Diego0.96
28New Orleans0.87
30St. Louis0.84
31NY Giants0.80

Friday, October 7, 2011

Don Cherry Lashes Out At Chris Nilan

Normally when Don Cherry creates a controversy, I'm among the first to defend and support him. But on the opening night of the NHL season, he went too far when he lashed out at the former enforcers who had a candid conversation with Michael Landsberg about fighting in hockey. Chris Nilan is well within his rights to have the opinion that hockey goon is a dangerous profession with possible serious side effects. He did the job and he's lived the life. If that's his opinion, then you accept that as his opinion even if you disagree with him. Disagree with him if you must, but don't make it personal, calling them hypocrites and lashing out that they even have that opinion.

As a hockey fan I enjoy the pugilism of hockey fights and support its inclusion in the sport. It can be dangerous. Be aware of the risk before choosing it as a profession. You do get hazard pay. The league minimum is around half a million dollars per season. For 82 games with 3-10 minutes of ice time to fight a few times is not a bad racket. It's better than working in a coal mine in China. Would you rather work at a nuclear power plant? Just because a job is dangerous does not mean it should be illegal.

Perhaps the point Don was trying to make was that Chris Nilan earned a lot of money doing what did over his career; a lot more money than he would have made scrubbing toilets. If you make fighting illegal than the players with this particular skill set are denied the opportunity to choose. I just don't think Don chose his words well.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kadri To Be Traded For Spezza?

Today on Twitter Barry MaGuire from TSN tweeted "Bozak, Gunnarson, and Kadri for Spezza". No doubt Leaf Nation lit up after seeing that rumour pop up on their computer screens. Ottawa originally wanted to draft Kadri until the Leafs selected him shortly before their pick, so in that sense it makes sense that Ottawa wants to acquire him. That being said, I have trouble believing that the Senators would trade such a dynamic offensive player to their most hated rival. There is no question that Ottawa has been desperately trying to find a buyer for Spezza's expensive contract, which is one of the worst contracts in hockey. The majority of teams aren't interested in spending $7M per year for a player who had 57 PTS last season in 62 GP.

So while this contract is an albatross that the Sens are trying to sell, they will make Toronto overpay for the player if any trade is made. Spezza's high end upside is in the 90 point range, and that organization and fan base do not want to get burned be the Leafs. Spezza's high end production days may be behind him, but I still don't see him wearing a Leafs jersey.

Tim Connolly Starts Season On Injured Reserve

Allow me to express my shock and awe that the Toronto Maple Leafs new #1 center and free agent saviour Tim Connolly will start the season on injured reserve. Connolly is no stranger to injury, but what makes this one so strange is that he wiped out in practice! That is just too funny, and a great way to start the Connolly era in Leaf Nation. Perhaps we should all start calling him TIMMY like the handicapped kid in South Park? He is a talented player and nobody questions his skill with the hockey puck; but what can be questioned is his ability to stay healthy.

Do you really want a hypochondriac as your #1 center? Steve Simmons asked on Twitter, over/under 68 games. It would probably be smart to take the under.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NHL Top 300 Scorers For 2011/12 Forecast

Here is my forecast list for the NHL's top 300 scorers this 2011/12 season. There is some complex mathematics involved in the making of this list, which ironically predicted a 4 way tie for the NHL's leading point scorer between D.Sedin, Ovechkin, Perry, and Stamkos. Last year's data was the primary source, modified based on an age based rate of decline. 2009/2010 data was included in the database to measure last season's rate of decline or improvement. Players with large increases or declines in production are likely to regress back towards their mean.

Without further adieu, here are my projections. Note that the games played predictions are just an educated guess.

Daniel SedinVAN8296
Steven StamkosTB8296
Corey PerryANA8296
Alex OvechkinWSH7996
Martin St. LouisTB8292
Ryan GetzlafANA7589
Sidney CrosbyPIT6087
Henrik SedinVAN8286
Jonathan ToewsCHI8082
Patrick KaneCHI7581
Claude GirouxPHI8279
Nicklas BackstromWSH7979
Henrik ZetterbergDET8077
Bobby RyanANA8277
Thomas VanekBUF8076
Eric StaalCAR8176
Anze KopitarLA7575
Brad RichardsNYR7274
Evgeni MalkinPIT7373
Matt DucheneCOL8073
John TavaresNYI7972
Jarome IginlaCGY7572
Jeff SkinnerCAR8272
Rick NashCBJ7571
Loui ErikssonDAL7970
Pavel DatsyukDET7070
Derek RoyBUF7370
Patrick MarleauSJ8269
Ilya KovalchukNJ8169
Alexander SeminWSH7569
Jamie BennDAL7668
Mike RibeiroDAL8268
Mikko KoivuMIN7568
Joe PavelskiSJ7567
Mike RichardsLA8167
Phil KesselTOR8267
Chris StewartSTL7566
Joe ThorntonSJ8066
Patrick SharpCHI7466
Teemu SelanneANA7066
Jason SpezzaOTT7266
Ryane CloweSJ7565
Zach PariseNJ7565
Jeff CarterCBJ8064
Marian HossaCHI7663
Lubomir VisnovskyANA8063
Danny BrierePHI7763
Alex TanguayCGY7663
David BackesSTL8262
David KrejciBOS7762
Paul StastnyCOL7562
Milan LucicBOS7861
Marian GaborikNYR7061
Brandon DubinskyNYR8061
Keith YandlePHX8261
Ales HemskyEDM6860
Andrew LaddWPG8160
Martin HavlatSJ7860
Logan CoutureSJ7960
Drew StaffordBUF7460
Vincent LecavalierTB7260
Clarke MacArthurTOR8259
Taylor HallEDM7859
Ryan CallahanNYR7258
Ryan KeslerVAN7258
R.J. UmbergerCBJ8258
Mikhail GrabovskiTOR8057
Dustin BrownLA8257
Nicklas LidstromDET8256
Tyler EnnisBUF8256
Jordan EberleEDM7856
Patrik EliasNJ8156
Dany HeatleyMIN8056
Tomas PlekanecMTL7756
Nikolai KuleminTOR8255
Patrik BerglundSTL8155
Jussi JokinenCAR7555
Shane DoanPHX7255
Tobias EnstromWPG7555
Evander KaneWPG7555
Michael GrabnerNYI7654
James NealPIT7954
Stephen WeissFLA7653
Alexander SteenSTL7553
Sergei KostitsynNSH7853
Brad BoyesBUF8253
Martin EratNSH7053
Matt MoulsonNYI8252
Duncan KeithCHI8252
Tuomo RuutuCAR7652
Milan HejdukCOL7352
Teddy PurcellTB8152
Olli JokinenCGY7952
Jordan StaalPIT6851
Patrice BergeronBOS7551
Patric HornqvistNSH8051
Pierre-Marc BouchardMIN7051
T.J. OshieSTL7151
Travis ZajacNJ8250
Johan FranzenDET7450
Dustin ByfuglienWPG8150
Alexander EdlerVAN7550
Andy McDonaldSTL6550
Jakub VoracekPhi8050
Dustin PennerLA8150
Derek BrassardCBJ7550
Derek StepanNYR8250
Ville LeinoBUF8250
Chris KunitzPIT7350
Ryan WhitneyEDM7350
Vaclav ProspalCBJ7050
Shea WeberNSH8250
Brenden MorrowDAL8250
Blake ComeauNYI8050
Ray WhitneyPHX7550
Antoine VermetteCBJ8249
Nathan HortonBOS7349
Kris LetangPIT8249
Jason PominvilleBUF7049
Dan BoyleSJ7648
Erik KarlssonOTT7848
Devin SetoguchiMIN7548
Mike CammalleriMTL7048
Rene BourqueCGY8048
Scott HartnellPHI8248
Brent BurnsSJ8048
Brooks LaichWSH8247
Artem AnisimovNYR8247
Bryan LittleWPG7647
Justin WilliamsLA6847
Sam GagnerEDM7547
Alex GoligoskiDAL8247
David JonesCOL8047
Tomas FleischmannFLA7247
Radim VrbataPHX8047
James WisniewskiCBJ7246
Alex BurrowsVAN7246
Frans NielsenNYI7446
Andrei KostitsynMTL8146
P.A. ParenteauNYI8146
Blake WheelerWPG8146
Wojtek WolskiNYR7345
Erik ColeMTL7845
Brad MarchandBOS7845
Alex PietrangeloSTL7945
Kris VersteegFLA8044
Kevin ShattenkirkSTL7244
Michael FrolikCHI8044
Drew DoughtyLA7244
Bobby ButlerOTT7244
Jarret StollLA8244
Tyler MyersBUF8044
Andrew CoglianoANA8244
John-Michael LilesTOR7544
James van RiemsdykPHI7544
Jack JohnsonLA8244
Daniel ClearyDET7044
Mike GreenWSH6744
Tyler KennedyPIT8043
Ryan SuterNSH7543
Valtteri FilppulaDET7343
Guillaume LatendresseMIN7543
Tomas KaberleCAR8243
Rich PeverleyBOS8243
Brent SeabrookCHI7543
Cam FowlerANA7843
Mikael SamuelssonVAN7543
Scott GomezMTL8043
David BoothFLA8042
Tyler SeguinBOS7442
Zdeno CharaBOS8142
Brian GiontaMTL8242
Mikael BacklundCGY7742
Curtis GlencrossCGY7942
Matt CarlePHI8242
Tim ConnollyTOR7041
Benoit PouliotBOS7941
Nathan GerbeBUF7141
Dave BollandCHI7041
Matt D'AgostiniSTL8241
David LegwandNSH7241
Christian EhrhoffBUF7541
P.K. SubbanMTL7941
Mark GiordanoCGY8241
Anthony StewartCAR7541
Tyler BozakTOR8240
Andrew BrunetteCHI8240
Grant ClitsomeCBJ6840
Dennis WidemanWSH7540
Matt CalvertCBJ6840
Niclas BergforsNSH7540
Kyle OkposoNYI7040
Magnus PaajarviEDM8040
Marek ZidlickyMIN7439
Ryan SmythEDM7839
Lauri KorpikoskiPHX8039
Simon GagneLA6539
Joffrey LupulTOR6539
Bryan BickellCHI7839
John CarlsonWSH8239
Nik AntropovWPG7638
Andrei MarkovMTL6538
Colin WilsonNSH8238
Linus OmarkEDM6738
Todd BertuzziDET7937
Kyle BrodziakMIN8037
Milan MichalekOTT7437
Jiri HudlerDET7337
Saku KoivuANA7337
Niklas KronwallDET7737
Mason RaymondVAN6537
Troy BrouwerWSH7937
Cal O'ReillyNSH7437
Anton BabchukCGY8237
Colin GreeningOTT6537
Nick FolignoOTT8237
Peter ReginOTT7437
Scottie UpshallFLA8036
Joni PitkanenCAR7436
Shawn HorcoffEDM6936
Brendan MorrisonCgy6936
Ryan MaloneTB5436
Joe CorvoBOS8036
Kimmo TimonenPHI8235
Matt StajanCGY7635
Dion PhaneufTOR7435
Eric BelangerEDM8235
Mats ZuccarelloNYR6035
Darren HelmDET8235
Tomas KopeckyFLA8134
Max PaciorettyMTL6034
Lee StempniakCGY8234
Erik JohnsonCOL7934
Zac DalpeCAR7234
Steve DownieTB5734
Andrej MeszarosPHI8134
Martin HanzalPHX7333
Pascal DupuisPIT8133
Cal ClutterbuckMIN7633
Matt CullenMIN7833
Wayne SimmondsPhi8033
Sergei GoncharOTT7033
Brandon SutterCAR8233
Ian WhiteDET7833
Kristian HuseliusCBJ6133
Dan GirardiNYR8033
Roman HamrlikWSH7932
Jamie McBainCAR7832
Mike KnubleWSH7932
Mike FisherNSH7332
Dennis SeidenbergBOS8132
David MossCGY6532
Michael RyderDAL7732
Ryan O'ReillyCOL7532
Josh BaileyNYI7032
Cory StillmanCAR6032
Mike SantorelliFLA7331
Evgeni DadonovFLA6031
Andrew MacDonaldNYI7231
Christopher HigginsVAN7031
Marcus JohanssonWSH6931
Vladimir SobotkaSTL6531
Nazem KadriTOR6531
Jannik HansenVAN8231
Nikita FilatovOTT7031
Cody FransonTOR8031
Jordan LeopoldBUF7431
Andrej SekeraBUF7631
Mikkel BoedkerPHX6530
Daniel AlfredssonOTT6030
Rostislav OleszCHI6830
Tomas HolmstromDET7330
Marcel GocFLA6430
Paul GaustadBUF8130
Kyle TurrisPHX6830
Brandon McMillanANA7229
Brandon YipCOL7329
Brett ClarkTB8229
Dominic MooreTB7729
Brandon PrustNYR8229
Sean BergenheimFLA8029
Steve OttDAL7829
Taylor PyattPHX7629
Erik CondraOTT6529
Dmitry KulikovFLA7529
Brian BoyleNYR8229
Gregory CampbellBOS8028
Paul MartinPIT7928
Colby ArmstrongTOR6428
Stephane RobidasDAL8128
Shawn MatthiasFLA8028
Brian CampbellFLA7128
Chris KellyBOS8128
Tom GilbertEDM7928
Mark LetestuPIT6428
Marc StaalNYR7028
Victor HedmanTB7928
Matt CookePIT7028
Brian RolstonNYI6528
Chad LaRoseCAR7627